The Zunker System was an independent star system between the Star Empire of Manticore and the Solarian League.

Its capital city was Effingham.

Stellar Geography Edit

The Zunker System lay roughly 190 light-years from the Sol System, 150 light-years from the Sigma Draconis System, more than 400 light-years from the Idaho System[1], and 20 light-years from the Genovese System. (HH13)

History Edit

The Zunker Terminus of the Idaho Hyper Bridge was located about 6.5 light-hours from the system primary, connecting Zunker with the Idaho System. Its discovery by a Manticoran survey ship in the early 20th Century PD led to an era of enormous economic growth in Zunker, establishing much better medical care and education.

The new found wealth caused the Solarian Office of Frontier Security to show an increased interest in the system. However, the people of Idaho informed their allies in Manticore of the sudden upsurge in Solarian "compassion and philanthropic urges". In response, the Star Kingdom intimated to Permanent Senior Undersecretary of the Treasury Brian Sullivan that Solarian transit fees through the Manticoran Wormhole Junction would experience an "inexplicable upsurge" if anything unfortunate were to happen to Zunker.

The result was an official Solarian consulate and OFS observation post in Effingham and the understanding that while the League would be allowed influence in Zunker it would not be allowed the puppetmaster control it exercised in many other independent star systems. Additionally, it was understood that Zunker would fall under League protection rather than Manticoran, though the terminus associated with Zunker was granted Idahoan extraterritoriality. (HH13)

Military Edit

See: Zunker Space Navy. (HH13)

References Edit

  1. A distance that was covered in a single transit of the Idaho Hyper Bridge.
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