The Zanzibar Liberation Front or ZLF was a political and subversive group originating from the Caliphate of Zanzibar.


Prior to 1904 PD, the ZLF was forced from Zanzibar by Government forces. Around 1905 PD the People's Republic of Haven politically recognized the ZLF[1] in an attempt to destabilize the region and create a pretense for invasion.[2] In response the Caliphate government severed diplomatic relations with the People's Republic and enacted a trade embargo. This made Havenite covert material support for the ZLF difficult. The People's Republic also supported the ZLF by giving them safe bases in the Chelsea and Mendoza Systems.

Before the First Havenite-Manticoran War the ZLF started military actions in Zanzibar System space, directed against the Caliphate's navy. It was also the cover for hostile actions executed by undetected People's Navy warships during the initial phase of Operation Perseus.[3] (HH3)

ZLF had no significant military power[4] and it did not resurface after the conquest of the Chelsea and Mendoza Systems during the Manticoran counteroffensive of 1905 PD. (HH4)

Armed Force[]


  1. the ZLF did not control any part of its homeworld.
  2. The Peeps' OFS-style expansion was mentioned on the infodump.
  3. An example was the destruction of the LAC Al-Nassir.
  4. there was mentioned its decrepit "navy" (HH3)