Zachariah McBryde
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Zachariah McBryde
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Zachariah McBryde was a Mesan citizen working for the Mesan Alignment as a research director under Anastasia Chernevsky.

Physical appearance[]

He had red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. (CS2)


Zachariah was the son of Christina McBryde, an artist, and her husband Thomas, as well as the brother of JoAnne, Jack, and Arianne McBryde. (CS2)


In 1921 PD, McBryde served as a senior scientist in the naval research and development division under Anastasia Chernevsky. Like the rest of his family, he was shocked when he learned of his brother's treason and suicide. (CS2)

When Dr. Herlander Simões revealed the existence of the Alignment to the rest of the Galaxy in 1922 PD, Operation Houdini was implemented early; McBryde and several other scientists were abruptly removed from Mesa and put aboard slaving vessels to transport them to the secret Alignment base in the Darius System.

During a stop in the Balcescu System, McBryde was transfered to the slaver Prince Sundjata with two other scientists, Gail Weiss and Stefka Juarez, with a Genetic Advancement and Uplift League agent named Anthony Zhilov as their handler and guard. However, before they could leave the system, a raiding force of the Royal Torch Navy arrived and forced the other slaver, Luigi Pirandello, to surrender. When the vessel was boarded, the GAUL agent aboard initiated the self destruct to keep the Alignment's secret. This caused Doctor Juarez to panic and attack Agent Zhilov, starting a violent altercation that only McBryde and Weiss survived. Their ship then continued on its way, with both of them being locked up in Weiss' cabin. (CS3)