Yancey Parks
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Sir Yancey Parks
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Sir Yancey Parks was a Manticoran citizen and an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.


He was known as a good strategist, nearly as good as Admiral Hamish Alexander, but he was known, also as too much of a thinker, which in Alexander's opinion might harm his decision making.


In 1904 PD, he held the rank of Vice Admiral of the Green and served as commanding officer of Hancock Station, one of the Manticoran Alliance's most important fleet bases at the time. His flagship was the superdreadnought HMS Gryphon.

He knew the reason why he was assigned to Hancock and he would get irritated at times when Admiral Mark Sarnow and his crew did a good job getting the orbital facilities being set up ahead of schedule. He was surprised that Captain Honor Harrington was the commanding officer of the HMS Nike. He was not happy that Harrington was assigned to Task Force Hancock. He considered her a hot head and believed that she had no self-control.

When Harrington was assigned as flag captain for Rear Admiral Sarnow, Parks excluded her from flagship conferences for weeks, until Sarnow confronted him about it in a private meeting. Parks explained that he considered her "hotheaded and impulsive", citing her past clashes with Klaus Hauptman on Basilisk Station and with Reginald Houseman at Yeltsin's Star, as well as the way she addressed the Weapons Development Board concerning the grav lance technology, and the fact that she almost shot a Masadan prisoner of war on Blackbird Base. Sarnow countered each of these arguments, and stated that the admiral failed to show Harrington the professional respect she deserved. Parks reluctantly concurred.

When a general war warning from the Admiralty arrived, Admiral Parks took the majority of his fleet to the Yorik System against the advice of Rear Admiral Sarnow, who was left behind to guard Hancock Station. Later, after the Havenite Argus surveillance network was discovered in Yorik, he regretted the decision and ordered the majority of his ships to return with him to Hancock.

Admiral Sarnow and Captain Harrington were able to hold Hancock long enough for Parks to return. Admiral Yuri Rollins fled back to Seaford Nine, but Parks quickly followed him and annihilated the Havenites at the First Battle of Seaford Nine, destroying all but three capital ships, including Rollins' flagship, killing him.

After returning to Hancock, Parks reviewed Captain Harrington's report of the battle, and subsequently relieved Captain Pavel Young of his command, placing him under arrest to await a court-martial for cowardice before the enemy and desertion. (HH3)

Service Record[]


  • Vice Admiral (before 1904 PD)


  • Commanding Officer, Task Force Hancock
    Senior Officer, Hancock Station