A wormhole junction was a stable gravitic anomaly, a flaw in normal space providing access via hyper-space between widely separated points. It consisted of a central wormhole, the nexus, and its associated termini.

The termini were sometimes hundreds of light years away from the central nexus and from each other. Travel through the wormhole by hyper-capable ships was possible and allowed rapid travel to places that otherwise might take weeks, months, or even years to reach. Ships could travel from the nexus to any terminus, and from a terminus to the nexus, but direct travel between termini was impossible.

When a ship entered a junction, it actually ceased to exist in the normal space-time continuum for an instant.

The concept of wormhole junctions was first theorized by Dr. Shigematsu Radhakrishnan. (HH1)


Wormholes that only allowed there-and-back travel between two termini were commonly referred to as hyper bridges or wormhole bridges.

There were also quasi-wormhole junctions, such as the SGC-902-36-G Wormhole Anomaly, the Phoenix Junction or the one between the Gregor Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction and the Durandel Terminus of the Asgard Wormhole Junction.[1]

Known junctions[]

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  1. These were "junctions" in the traffic sense of the word, but not in the astrophysical one.