The Weapons Development Board was a collegial body in the Royal Manticoran Navy with the purpose overseeing projects for, and recommending deployment of, the development of new weapons, weapon systems, or armanent schema for the Navy and the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps. In some way it was a part of BuShips or was supported by BuShips.[1] It was, however, officially part of BuWeaps.

Succesful projects made significant inpact on naval war doctrine.


Grav lance[]

In 1900 PD, Admiral of the Red Sonja Hemphill was chairman of the WDB. The Board put the new grav lance on the HMS Fearless as a part of a experimental program. Experiment was unsuccesful. (HH1)

FTL communication[]

Idea based on coordinated action performed by Captain Harrington and IAN unit in the Silesian Confederacy before 1903 PD. (HHA4.2: WOS)

Missile pods[]

  • Reintroducing missile pods use (for massive first salvo).
  • Construction of platforms suitable for continuous fire with missile pods. (HH6, HH7, HH9)


Introducing the new class of warships. (HH6, HH7, HH9)

Known members[]


  1. According to a statement from Commodore Yerensky. (HH1)