Name: Warlord class
Type: battlecruiser
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces.jpg People's Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: early 20th Century PD[1]
Preceded By: Sultan class
Succeeded By: Warrior class
Mass: 918,750 t
Length: 723 m
Beam: 92 m
Draught: 82 m
Acceleration: 389.9 G (487.4 G max.)
Crew: 2200, including 300 Marines
Armament: 64 missile tubes
12 lasers
16 grasers
44 counter missile tubes
36 point defense clusters[2]

The Warlord class was a class of People's Navy battlecruisers introduced during the First Havenite-Manticoran War.

Class Design[]

The Warlord-class followed the trend set by the Mars-class in that it was a big ship for its type, even larger than a Reliant-class. This class was also one of the first to benefit from the technology transfers from the Solarian League.

Modifications and Development[]

Refit of Tepes[]

At the cost of three fewer grasers and one less missile tube in each broadside PNS Tepes was built with two large additional boat bays and life support enough for a double-sized marine complement (600 troops). (HH7)


Five Warlord class ships captured by Admiral Honor Harrington in the Cerberus System in 1913 PD became part of the Grayson Space Navy's Protector's Own Squadron under the name Convert class. (Companion)

Warlord B and C[]

The Warlord C-class was developed sometime prior to 1915 PD. Four known vessels were operated by the State Security Naval Forces and the People's Navy in Exile later. Such implies Warlord B-class was developed as well. (CS2)

Aegis Refit[]

In 1921 PD four People's Navy in Exile vessels were refitted with Aegis Solarian countermissile system.


  1. Counterpart of Mars-class CA, first time mentioned in 1911 PD. (HH7)
  2. Broadside:26M, 6L, 6G, 16CM, 12PD, chase: 6M, 2G, 6CM, 6PD.

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