The Walther System was a star system in the Breslau Sector of the Silesian Confederacy.[1]

Star Geography Edit

It had a G2 primary and one inhabited planet called Walther Prime, and the government was considered "laughable" by the Manticoran Alliance. (HHA4.2: WOS)

History Edit

In the mid-16th Century PD, Walther was still officially uninhabited. In reality, Walther Prime served as the base of operations for the Volsung Mercenaries, a dangerous group of pirates and guns-for-hire, made up mostly of ex-Andermani naval personnel under the command of Admiral Cutler Gensonne. They were defeated and their infrastructure destroyed by Andermani and Manticoran forces in 1544 PD. (MA3)

In 1908 PD, the system was part of the Manticoran Q-ship Wayfarer's patrol area. Its local governor at the time was a man named Hagen. There was no naval base in the system, only a customs station. (HH6)

HMS Royalist was engaged by an IAN cruiser squadron in the system. (HH10)

References Edit

  1. Its name is mispelled "Lua Hiller" on some maps.

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