Walter Frankel
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Walter Frankel
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Walter Frankel was a Havenite citizen and a member of the Legislaturist elite.

In 1900 PD, he served as Secretary of the Economy under Hereditary President Sidney Harris, and advocated against more naval spending and the lowering of the Basic Living Stipend. He was also concerned about the poor overall state of Haven's economy, and introduced the idea of Haven taking another wormhole terminus to help with the economy. His suggestion was conquering the Silesian Confederacy. (HH1)

He was a political adversary of Secretary of War Elaine Dumarest, mostly over budgetary concerns. He also conflicted with Secretary of Education Eric Grossman over Grossman's policies on Haven's industries. Sometime in 1903 PD, he leaked the news to the public that the government was considering limiting Basic Living Stipend increases to the rate of inflation, thereby freezing its relative buying power, in order to gauge public opinion. This caused riots in almost all Dolist sectors. Two months later, Everett Kanamashi, a fringe member of the Citizens' Rights Union, shot Frankel twelve times in the chest with explosive pulser darts, killing him instantly. (HH3)