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Piracy vs Eridani Edict[edit source]

  1. Your original proposition was: "People's Navy in Exile - [...] This was a pirate action as Operation Ferret involved a violation of the Eridani Edict."
  2. Lead for Eridani Edict is: "[..] prohibition [...] preventing widespread slaughter of civilians." "Piracy" never was mentioned in that article.
  3. "Civilian" does mean "non-combatant". So Eridani Edict was law of war, not an anticpiracy act.
  4. Pirate's modus operandi was to rob property and to eliminate witnesses (caught crew and passengers). Latter is not a widespread slaughter on a planetary scale.
  5. Was Mesan Aligment a pirate organization, because they caused Yavata Strike?

BTW - assuming that violation of the Eridani Edict was an act of piracy - was (let's say) a pirate somebody, who attempted widespread slaughter of civilians, but didn't do it? :)--dotz (talk) 20:36, September 25, 2019 (UTC)

The PNE's acts could be considered privateering/piracy as they were hired by a shadow government. Pirates have been hired to raid enemy shipping as commerce raiders. They act as mercenaries flying a pirate flag. Furthermore, considering the actions of the other ex-statesec ships, the PNE did certainly engage in real piracy before Mesa hired them. When compared to the Battle of Spindle, the PNE did commit piracy as they engaged in an illegal invasion to commit mass murder. Syalantillesfel (talk) 02:50, September 26, 2019 (UTC)

  1. "Privateering" doesn't mean "piracy" (and vice versa).
  2. Peep/StateSec remnants had no "authorisation" to raid neutral (non-allied) shipping in the Verge.
  3. PNE was created by Mesan Aligment just before second battle of Torch and didn't raid the commers as PNS.
  4. Some of its members were former or inactive pirates, but doesn't make equation PNE was pirate organization (there was just a risk the PNE or just their DD would turn into piracy)
  5. Spindle case was mentioned in legal matters section - we can distinguish "pirate organizations" and "(significant) acts of piracy" - nobody called SL or SLN a pirates. The same problem with my unanswered question (5) concerning Mesan Aligment and Yavata Strike.
  6. I have to end with truism: it seems "acts of piracy" can be commited by non-pirate organizations also (organizations with diffrent primary aims than piracy). And act of piracy can be just a mean to reach that aims. --dotz (talk) 11:55, September 26, 2019 (UTC)
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