SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 17 July 2013

Impact of prolong on society

Recently I thought a lot about the way a human society would change when almost everyone's natural lifespan was doubled or quadrupled within a few generations. It would completely change the way humans plan their life, wouldn't it? You could live several lives in a row, from our perspective, as you likely wouldn't do the same thing for hundreds of years. You could have children who could be a hundred years apart in age. You likely wouldn't remain married to the same person for hundreds of years, (let's face it, most people can't even manage one of our lifetimes together...)

The whole concept of inheritance as we know it would be gone; as Weber mentions once, a monarch like Elizabeth III could rule for hundreds of years, and by the time he o…

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 17 May 2013

House of Steel

House of Steel, the first Honorverse companion, has been released, and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all fellow Honorverse fans to purchase a copy of this beautiful piece of reference material.

Over time, most of the information will find its way into the Honorverse Wiki in some way, as we try to collect all there is, but that should not defer you from getting House of Steel for yourselves, be it in hardcover or e-book format. This project is a collaborative work of many people at BuNine who put a lot of effort into it, and should be rewarded accordingly.

Making this project a financial success will also ensure the release of future companions on the Havenites, Andermani, and Mesans, and I'm sure we all want to see those m…

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 6 May 2013

Masada colonization

This kinda goes out to people who have an idea about population growth and the likes.

We know that the Masada colony was founded by less than 50,000 people in the 14th Century PD. (HH2 said that I think) Would that be a significant enough population to colonize a planet to a point that you could build a space navy a few hundred years later? Especially considering how anti-tech they were?

I'm asking because I remember an episode of the reimagined BattleStar Galactica series where they did some calculations and realized that even if they found a new planet, their numbers where to small to build up a lasting human population.

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 25 October 2012


I only recently realized what an awesome amount of tuckerization (naming characters after real life fans or acquaintances) there is in Weber's books.

The ones I can point out so far are:

  • Michael Ankenbrandt (resistance fighter Michael Ankenbrandt)
  • Tim Bolgeo (Petty Officer Bolgeo and Tennessee Bolgeo)
  • Joe Buckley (various, obviously)
  • David Mattingly (Harrington Armsman Simon Mattingly)
  • Eric Flint (bar owner Eric Flint)
  • Russell Isler (StateSec Captain Isler)
  • Thomas Marrone (MLF propagandist Thomas Marrone)
  • Timothy Zahn (Sidemoran analyst Tim Zahn)

Did you guys spot any others?

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 17 August 2012

RCN Wiki

Hi guys,

as Samanda has already discovered, I have started another wiki. My newest victim is David Drake's RCN series, an open ended science fiction series that may seem somewhat familiar to you if you have read Drake's Honorverse short story "A Grand Tour", which is actually Drake's first draft of what later became the first RCN novel, With the Lightenings. (I happen to know Dotz is a fan ;-) )

The wiki is based on the same concept as the Honorverse wiki, with an in-universe past tense style and an extensive reference system (which Samanda already improved). There's only a few articles so far, since I'm currently reading the series for the first time myself.

Any of you who know the novels, or have become interested now, are of course welcome …

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