Farragut79 Farragut79 25 January 2015

Wiki mentioned in Tales of Honor Vol 1

My copy of Tales of Honor Vol 1 just came in and I noticed in the appendix, we were listed alongside davidweber.net and top cow websites. Congratulations guys, keep up the good work. 

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Farragut79 Farragut79 26 May 2013

Ship Class Updates

I have been putting info boxes and organizing the various Ship Class articles. Here is the list of finished ones:

1. Haven

2. Silesia

3. Andermani Empire

By no means the articles are completely down, since I have put Jayne's stuff and others in. 

I will be tackling the following articles:

1. Solarian League

2. Torch

3. Mesa

4. Other Ship Class Articles

5. The Beast aka RMN

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Farragut79 Farragut79 22 June 2012

Let's Get a new Featured Article

I'm thinking we should get a new featured article up. The last one has been up since September of 2010. Maybe even go through a different one every two months on a different subject, we had a book one, a starship one, let's do a character or a planet? Farragut79 05:56, June 22, 2012 (UTC)

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