Name: Trumbull class
Type: Freighter, Q-ship
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces People's Republic of Haven
Succeeded By: Astra-class
Mass: 6,100,000 tons
Acceleration: 22 gravities
Crew: 40,000 + heavy combat equipment
Armament: Q-Ship (Fore and Aft)
3 Missile Tubes
2 Spinal Mount Lasers

The Trumbull-class was a class of freighters commissioned under the auspice of the Havenite People's Merchant Service.

Class Design Edit

Q-Ship Refit Program Edit

Additionally, some Q-ships deployed by the People's Navy were built to externally resemble the Trumbull-class. Some of the Q-Ship variants took part in the Invasion of San Martin of the Trevor's Star System, and four of them were used in the conquest of the Maastricht System. The Trumball-class Q-ships were more powerfully armed than most modern contemporary heavy cruisers. (HH1, JIR2)


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