Triumphant class specs.jpg
Name: Triumphant class
Type: Battleship
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces.jpg People's Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: 1823 PD
Preceded By: Fouchart class
Mass: 4,493,250 tons
Length: 1,168 m
Beam: 159 m
Draught: 145 m
Acceleration: 445.1 G
Crew: 3876
– 508 Officers
– 2879 Enlisted
– 489 Marines
Power: 4 RF/9 Golfech 2 Fusion Reactors
Electronics: AG-1(c) Gravitic Detection Array

AR-1 Phased Radar Array
AL-2 Lidar Array
SLCF-11 116-channel Fire Control
SDCC-11 104-channel Defensive Control
ARBB-11(a) Electronic Countermeasures

Armament: 76 LM-7(d) Capital ship missile tubes

4 L/300 Capital ship lasers
4 G/398 Grasers
12 L/280 Capital ship lasers
12 G/357 grasers
44 LMC-8 Counter missile tubes
52 P/16x8 Anti-missile lasers

Magazines: 9096 L13(a) Capital ship missiles

13244 C2 Counter missiles
20 LAD-5 Tethered ECM Decoys

Auxiliary Craft: 4 DB.100 Mercure-class cutters

8 D.450 Ouragan-class pinnaces

The Triumphant class was a class of battleships used by the People's Navy.

Class Design[]

Among other things this design philosophy meant these missile-heavy vessels had more tractors on a ton-for-ton basis than any other ship type in the Republican order of battle. So when missile pods made a comeback during the First Haven-Manticore War battleships had the advantage that they could tractor as many as eleven pods inside their wedge, more than most superdreadnoughts of the time. (HH8)

Class Roles[]

The Triumphant-class battleships were designed to replace the Fouchart class as general purpose workhorses meant primarily for covering rear areas against raiding squadrons of cruisers or battlecruisers and for keeping restive systems from asserting their independence. (HH5)

Class Historical Notes[]

During the First Havenite-Manticoran War, the Triumphants were also used in frontline duties with mixed success. A complete failure at the Fourth Battle of Yeltsin's Star, they performed much better during Operation Icarus.

In the First Battle of Seabring, they were able to repel the attack, but the majority of the Havenite fleet was destroyed, the surviving ships being sent to the breakers. (HH4, HH8)


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