You may also be looking for the Havenite Triumphant class.
Name: Triumph class
Type: heavy cruiser
(originally battlecruiser)
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored Star Kingdom of Manticore
Mass: 180,000 tons
Crew: almost 500
Magazines: 24 missiles

The Triumph class was a class of Solarian-origin warships also used by the Royal Manticoran Navy. Originally built as battlecruisers, they were later reclassified as heavy cruisers.

Manticore alternatively referred to them as the Victory class.

In addition the Triumphs were alternatively referred to as the Lexington class by RMN personnel. (MA3)

History Edit

The Triumph-class vessels were originally purchased and commissioned due to serious piracy threats in the mid-15th Century PD. In 1529 PD, a plan was hatched by the Committee for Military Sanity to decommission the nine Triumph-class vessels moored in orbit of Manticore and convert each of them into two sloops for the Chancellery's Patrol and Rescue Service. The first ship to undergo the procedure was HMS Mars, becoming the sloops Phobos and HMS Deimos. (MA1)

The last six Triumph-class units were supposed to go out of service in circa 1541 PD, when the new Burgundy-class, authorized in 1536 PD, system defense destroyers were to be activated. However, the new ships were delayed, forcing the Navy to keep the Triumphs in service longer. This proved to be a lucky decision, as the six cruisers were ready to defend Manticore when the Volsung Mercenaries, hired by the Axelrod Corporation, tried to invade the system less than two years later. (Companion)

Known vessels Edit


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