Treason was a term describing acts of betrayal of one's duty to one's sovereign or nation. Depending on the local definition, it might involve simply disloyalty in speech, or require disloyalty in an overt act. Increased responsibility, as belonging to the military, or holding office, increases the seriousness of the betrayal and so the degree of the treason. The Star Kingdom of Manticore had a most serious degree of the crime called high treason. (HH4)

A person who committed treason was known as a traitor.

Any treason by an officeholder was certainly punished by loss of office, and perhaps loss of title and / or privileges. In addition, many star nations of the Post Diaspora era punished it with long prison sentences under severe conditions or with death.

Because of the seriousness of the crime, and the severe sentences it earned, charges of treason were useful in some star nations as tools of political control and repression. An example was the People's Republic of Haven, especially the Committee of Public Safety regime. Each used the fearsome, and actually dismal, prison planet Hades (in the Cerebus System) as a place to punish prisoners whose crime (including treason) was insufficient to merit death.

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