Torch of Freedom Front Cover
Name: Crown of Slaves
Author: David Weber
Eric Flint
Publisher: Baen Books
Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 1439133549
Series: Crown of Slaves
Previous: Crown of Slaves
Next: Cauldron of Ghosts

Torch of Freedom is the second book of the Crown of Slaves sub-series, written by David Weber and Eric Flint. It was released in November 2009.

Note: The short stories From the Highlands and Fanatic should be read for better understanding before starting this book.

Timeframe: late 1919 PD – April 1922 PD

Cover Summary Edit

As the slavemasters of Mesa plot against the Star Empire of Manticore and the newly liberated slave planet of Torch, Anton Zilwicki and the notorious Havenite secret agent Victor Cachat set off on a dangerous mission to uncover the truth concerning a wave of mysterious assassinations that have been launched against Manticore and Torch. Most people are sure that the Republic of Haven is behind the assassinations, but Zilwicki and Cachat suspect others of being the guilty party.
Queen Berry of Torch was one of the targets of the unknown assassins. The former head of the Ballroom slave liberation organization, Jeremy X – now one of Torch's top officials, but still considered by many the most dangerous terrorist in the galaxy – calls in some past favors owed to him. In response, a security officer from Beowulf arrives in Torch to take charge of Queen Berry's security – a task made doubly difficult by the young monarch's resentment of bodyguards and the security officer's own growing attachment to her.
Meanwhile, powerful forces in the Solarian League are maneuvering against each other to gain the upper hand in what they all expect to be an explosive crisis that threatens the very existence of the League itself.

Plot Edit

While secret agents Anton Zilwicki and Victor Cachat are working undercover on the planet Mesa to discover what is truly behind Manpower Incorporated's operations in Torch, Manticore, and the Solarian League, the Mesan Alignment launches an attack on the Kingdom of Torch through a rogue force of former State Security Naval Forces, the People's Navy in Exile: they are supposed to overcome what little defenses the young star nation possesses, and then destroy all life on the planet with a kinetic bombardment. However, Rear Admiral Luiz Rozsak of the Solarian League Navy's Maya Sector Detachment learns of the coming attack and departs for Torch to protect the planet.

Meanwhile, Hugh Arai, a former slave who works as a commando for the Beowulfan Biological Survey Corps, visits Parmley Station, an almost abandoned orbital amusement park that is run by the Butre Clan, the descendants of the park's creator. The BSC and the Clan make a pact to turn the station into a secret fortress for the Beowulfan anti-slavery effort, and in return all members of the Clan still young enough will receive Prolong Treatment.

Zilwicki and Cachat make contact with Jack McBryde, a Mesan security chief who has become disillusioned after witnessing how his superiors treated Dr. Herlander Simões. The hyper physicist, whose work on the revolutionary streak drive is vital for Mesa's future operations, had an adoptive daughter who was put to death, despite his offer to take care of her, as she was a failed part of the Long-Range Planning Board's elaborate breeding programs.

Hugh Arai arrives on Torch and, after a Mesan-planned assassination attempt on Queen Berry, becomes the young monarch's new security chief and bodyguard. Although they have a rough start, they soon realize that there is a mutual attraction between them. In honor of Lara, one of Thandi Palane's Amazons who was killed during the assassination attempt, the newly founded Torch Royal guard is named Lara's Own Regiment.

Working with the slave underground and the Audubon Ballroom, Zilwicki and Cachat get Dr. Simões off the planet on a freighter controlled by members of the Butre Clan. Jack McBryde is trapped and activates the self-destruction charges of the Gamma Center, a secret underground research facility where Dr. Simões used to work. The detonation, together with another nuke activated by a seccy terrorist, levels parts of the city of Green Pines, killing a large number of people, including Isabel Bardasano, and destroying large parts of the Mesan genetic identification records.

The People's Navy in Exile's attack on Torch is thwarted by Rear Admiral Rozsak's Light Cruiser Squadron 7036: although the Battle of Torch costs him most of his ships, he defeats the ex-Havenite mercenaries. He and his surviving men are given a hero's welcome on Torch, while the surviving Havenites are sent to an island on Torch that is surrounded by marine predators dangerous enough to keep them in line without any need for other security.

The captured PNE ships are given to the Royal Torch Navy, and Queen Berry eventually becomes romantically involved with Hugh Arai. And finally, Elfride Butre, the leader of the Butre Clan, explains to Victor Cachat that his days as a spy working without anyone's notice are at an end, and that a future he can barely imagine awaits him, as all the universe will soon know his name.

Background Edit

This novel begins with a "quote" from Hester McReynolds' Origins of the Maya Crisis, a book published in Chicago in 2084 PD. This gives the reader a glimpse about 150 years into the Honorverse's future, showing that Earth and Chicago still exist, and that the crisis surrounding the Maya Sector did indeed grow into a serious event in Solarian history. Notably, the quote gives no hint if the Solarian League still exists.

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