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This is a timeline of the events relevant to the Honorverse's history.

Date formats[]

  • Before Christ (BC) or Before Common Era (BCE) – dates increase as you go back in time- 1 BC is the year before 1 AD
  • Anno Domini (AD)[1] or Common Era (CE) – both begin with year 1 of the Gregorian calendar
  • Post Diaspora (PD) – first human colonization ship leaves Earth - 1 PD = 2103 CE
  • Ante Diaspora (AD)[2] – Before first human colonization ship leaves Earth - 1 Ante Diaspora = 2102 CE. Dates increase as you go back in time.
  • After Landing (AL) – Colony Ship Jason lands on Manticore - 0 AL = 1416 PD, counted in Manticoran years (1 Manticoran year = 1.73 T-year)

Before Common Era[]

  • more than 100,000 BCE – The Alphane civilization settles on a number of planets in the Galaxy. (HHA1.2: AGT)
  • c.a. 96,000 BCE – Lava overflows an Alphane city on the planet Tesserow. (HHA1.2: AGT)

Common Era[]

  • 2064 CE (38 Ante Diaspora) – the Lunar Revolt breaks out against Earth's government in the Sol System (HH8)

Post Diaspora[]

1st Century PD[]

  • Sep 30, 2103 CE (1 PD) – The colony ship Prometheus leaves the Sol System; the Great Diaspora of Man begins. (UHH)
  • 15 PD - Beowulf Expedition leaves the Sol System bound for the Sigma Draconis System. (DF)

2nd Century PD[]

3rd Century PD[]

4th Century PD[]

5th Century PD[]

6th Century PD[]

  • 542 PD - Two asteroids from the KCR-125-06 System impact on the third planet of the Calvin System, rendering the planet uninhabitable. (DF)
  • March 552 PD - The crew of the sublight colony ship Calvin's Hope redirect their ship to the Refuge System upon learning of the destruction of Calvin III's biosphere. (DF)

7th Century PD[]

8th Century PD[]

9th Century PD[]

10th Century PD[]

11th Century PD[]

  • 1003 PD – Hugh Yanakov chooses a site for his family home near snow-capped mountains. (HH2)

12th Century PD[]

13th Century PD[]

14th Century PD[]

15th Century PD[]

16th Century PD[]

17th Century PD[]

  • 1651 PD – Crown Princess Adrienne survives an assassination attempt and is adopted by a treecat on a state visit to Sphinx.
  • 1660-1662 PD - Commodore Edward Saganami's military campaign against the Ranier Pirates ends in the Ranier War (JIR1,Companion)
  • 1669 - Star Kingdom of Manticore begins amassing evidence of governmental connivance in the growing piracy problem in the Silesian Confederacy. (Companion)
  • 1670 PD - Queen Adrienne directs the Admiralty of the Royal Manticoran Navy to take steps to protect Manticoran merchant shipping in the Silesian Confederacy. Commodore Edward Saganami, hero of the Ranier War, is ordered to assemble a force for the purpose of proactive, search-and-destroy operations against pirates in the Silesian Sector. (Companion)
  • August 11, 1672 PD - Battle of Carson. Commodore Saganami and the entire crew of the battlecruiser Nike are killed in the successful defense of a convoy against overwhelming odds. (JIR1,Companion)
  • 1674 PD - In response to the Battle of Carson and the heroic death of Commodore Saganami, the Royal Manticoran Navy dispatches a full squadron of battleships to systematically locate and destroy pirate bases throughout the eastern half of the Silesian Confederacy. Following the successful eradication of piracy in the region, the squadron of battleships - supported by two divisions of dreadnoughts - make a "courtesy calll" on the Confederacy's capital to escort the new Manticoran ambassador. The Confederacy subsequently signs a most favored star nation trade agreement with the SKM and the Cherwell Convention. (Companion)
  • 1685 PD - The Queen's Bench forever bans legal challenges to the treecats' status as citizens. (Companion)

18th Century PD[]

19th Century PD[]

20th Century PD[]

21st Century PD[]

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  1. Not to be confused with Ante Diaspora (AD)
  2. Not to be confused with Anno Domino "Year of our Lord" (AD), the use of AD as reference to Ante Diaspore is avoided to minimize confusion
  3. 02/13/281 AL
  4. 2 years and 1 day from disaster in the Adler System