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Thomas Bachfisch
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Admiral (reserve)

Thomas Bachfisch was a Manticoran citizen and an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Physical appearance Edit

Bachfisch had a thin, lined face and dark eyes which seemed to hold a hint of perpetual frown. (HHA3.1: MMH)

Biography Edit

Thomas Bachfisch started his naval service before 1848 PD. (HH10)

As a Captain (Senior Grade) in the late 1870s PD, he was in command of the heavy cruiser HMS War Maiden. Following a refit after thirty-six years of service, the ship was assigned to anti-piracy duties in the Silesian Confederacy. Captain Bachfish was wounded during the engagement against the Prism Space Navy ship PSN Annika. (HHA3.1: MMH) Following the engagement, an RMN court of inquiry found Bachfisch to have been negligent for allowing Annika to get so close to his own vessel. He remained in the service, but with no command, automatically rising to the rank of Admiral via seniority.

When beached, Bachfisch established a small shipping company operating in Silesian space. With the Manticoran Office of Naval Intelligence's help, he gained the possibility to buy two decent ships for his company. With the same support Bachfish obtained Silesian auxilliary warrants, which allowed him to legally arm these ships against pirates. One of the purchased vessels was a former Andermani Vogel class armed collier. She was refitted, strongly rearmed[1], christened Pirates' Bane and commanded by Bachfisch. Another AMC belonged to Bachfisch was named Ambuscade.

ONI supported Bachfish for intelligence purposes, however in the time of the second Janacek Admiralty (1915-1920 PD) he was not being used as a source of information. Due to personal relations in 1919 PD, Bachfisch warned Admiral Honor Harrington[2] about a change in the Imperial Andermani Navy's attitude and its new equipment operating in the Silesian area. On a hunch, he shadowed RHNS Hecate, concluding that the Republic of Haven Navy was also operating in the Confederacy at the time. In the ensuing engagement against the Havenite destroyer, he was severely wounded, losing both his legs, but survived to report the RHN's presence to Admiral Harrington. (HH10)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Captain (SG) – last rank connected with a command
  • from Commodore to Admiral – promotions based on seniority, no commands (1878 - 1919 PD)

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, HMS War Maiden – last command in the RMN
  • Master, Pirates' Bane

References Edit

  1. to battlecruiser level, technically for Silesian auxillary service purposes
  2. Harrington had served under him as a midshipwoman aboard War Maiden.
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