Tenth Fleet was an independent unit of the Royal Manticoran Navy, tasked with providing security for the Talbott Quadrant.

Assigned to Talbott Station, the fleet was formally activated when Cruiser Squadron 94 and Destroyer Squadron 301 were deployed to the Quadrant in 1921 PD.[1]

As Lynx was annexed into the Old Star Kingdom of Manticore, the security of Lynx and its associated terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction was not a responsibility of the Tenth Fleet, leading to the Lynx teminus picket[2] being independent from the Tenth Fleet. (HH12)


Task Force Talbott became part of Tenth Fleet. (SI2)

In 1922 PD, Mesan Alignment operative Rufino Chernyshev considered Tenth Fleet capable of destroying one-third of the entire Solarian League Navy all on its own. (SI4)

Order of Battle[]

Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral/Admiral Gold Peak

Initial Order of Battle at Activation/Pre-Battle of Spindle[]

Order of Battle Post-Battle of Spindle[]

After the Second Battle of Manticore, Tenth Fleet was further reinforced with light units (light cruisers and destroyers) led by Captain Grierson.


Invasion of Meyers[]

After the Battle of Spindle, the Tenth Fleet was split into two equal parts: Admiral Gold Peak's force concentrated at Montana and Vice Admiral Bennington's force concentrated at Tillerman. In July 1922 PD, after the Second Battle of Manticore, Admiral Gold Peak moved to Tillerman and reconcentrate her force with Bennington's force. Once reconcentrated in Tillerman, the Tenth Fleet proceeded to the Meyers System to launch a preemptive invasion of the Solarian Madras Sector. (SI3)

Tillerman Picket[]

The order of battle of the Tillerman picket was:

  • Vice Admiral Bennington's battle squadron
  • Battlecruiser Squadron 106

Montana Picket[]

The order of battle of the Montana picket was:

  • Battle Squadron 16
  • CLAC element - CO Admiral Menadue
  • Battlecruiser Squadron 108

10th Fleet/Task Force 10.1:

  • wall of battle
    • Battle Squadron 16
    • Bennington's battle squadron
  • CLAC element - CO Admiral Menadue
    • Carrier Division 11.2
  • Battlecruiser Squadron 106
  • Battlecruiser Squadron 108

Minor Verge Operations[]

Task Force 10.2 - CO, Rear Admiral Craig Culbertson - stationed in Montana

  • CLAC Squadron 11[8] - CO Rear Admiral Culbertson
  • Cruiser Squadron 94
  • Cruiser Division 96.1
  • a light cruiser element[9]
  • Destroyer Squadron 301
  • another destroyer squadron

Commodore Terekhov's task group - sent from the Montana System to the Mobius System

  • HMS Cloud[10]
  • Cruiser Division 94.1 - CO Commodore Terekhov
  • two destroyer divisions

Mobius picket left by Commodore Terekhov:

  • two heavy cruisers
  • destroyer element
  • two LAC squadrons – CO Captain Laycock
supported by deployed missile pods

Seraphim picket - Destroyer Squadron 301[11]

Task Force 10.2 in Montana reduced to the Task Group 10.2.1, three small task groups established:


See: Battlecruiser Squadron 106#Staff

Service Record[]

See: Battle of Golem | Intervention in the Mobius System | Battle of Kumang | Battle of Mesa | Battle of Meyers | New Tuscany Incident | Second Battle of New Tuscany | Battle of Spindle | Battle of Saltash | Battle of Swallow | Battle of Włocławek


  1. Together with Destroyer Squadron 301 it joined Battlecruiser Squadron 106.
  2. Task Force 302 temporary.
  3. Originally charged with LAC deployment to systems in the Talbott Quadrant. Joined Tenth Fleet just before the Battle of Spindle by the authority of Vice Admiral Gold Peak.
  4. from January 1922 PD
  5. Units of the Task Force Talbott as well as three milspec ammunition ships obtained just before the Battle of Spindle four million-ton units: HMS Mauna Loa, HMS New Popocatépetl, and HMS Nova Kilimanjaro; after destruction of the Manticoran shipyards repair ships were transferred to Manticore.
  6. There were 20 Keyhole 1 SD(P)s assigned to the 10th Fleet as two and a half squadrons, very likely at least temporary - a wall of battle of the Task Force 302.
  7. 20 units, possibly two carrier squadrons of 8 units and Carrier Division 7.1 - including HMS Cloud.
  8. Six units.
  9. Captain Grierson's reinforcements comprised some cruisers and destroyers.
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  11. Four units, HMS Tristram sent to the Manticore with captured Damien Harahap onboard.
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