Technodyne Industries of Yildun, or TIY, was a trans-stellar ship-building corporation based in the Solarian League and one of the largest companies in the Diaspora of Man.


TIY was headquartered in the Yildun System, and because of the abundance of mineral wealth in the system's asteroids and the presence of the Yildun Wormhole Junction, prospered and expanded to become one of the Solarian League Navy's main ship-construction contractors. Its research and development division had a lot of prestige. (CS1)

TIY maintained a corporate headquarters on Mesa[1]. (SI4)

Black Market DealingsEdit

TIY was rumored to build five to ten percent more ships than were requested by the Navy, and then "lose" them either through failing to disclose their construction in the first place, or having them disappear through a massive bureaucracy of paperwork. Ships destined for reclamation were also rumored to instead mysteriously find their way into the hands of third- and fourth-tier space navies, as well as various pirates. (CS1)

Republic of HavenEdit

They sold military equipment to Haven prior to the First Havenite-Manticoran War. (Companion)

Tiberian IncidentEdit

The fact that four Gladiator-class heavy cruisers under the control of pirates were destroyed in the Battle of Tiberian was an indication that TIY was likely involved more directly in what happened in the Tiberian System than previously thought. The "loss" of four new warships to a single black market customer set a new record, resulting in some suspecting that TIY and Mesa had a much closer relationship than either was prepared to acknowledge. (CS1)

Monica IncidentEdit

In the Battle of Monica, the Royal Manticoran Navy destroyed or captured a total of fourteen Indefatigable-class battlecruisers which turned out to be part of a deal between TIY, the Jessyk Combine, and the Republic of Monica.

After this deal was uncovered, Technodyne Industries took a serious blow. In the face of all the evidence found at Eroica Station, not even the Solarian League's bureaucrats could protect the company: it soon collapsed, the value of its stock plummeting, a third of its board of directors getting indicted, and half of those not indicted turning further evidence over to the state in an effort to save their own freedom and reputation. However, it was believed that Technodyne would reorganize and reemerge due to its importance to the Solarian economy. (SI1)

Deputy Attorney General Marie-Claire Rorendaal's prosecution of Technodyne was halted when the Solarian-Manticoran War began and the SLN needed the major defense contractor for the war effort. (HH14)


  1. With Menendo Wirschim as their Senior Vice President of Operations on the planet and ivan Tuero as their Director of Research and Development on Mesa.
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