• What is a real difference between corvette (1500Pd) and LAC (1900 PD)? Just moment of time when a ship was classified?
  • Can we consider a corvette as an early LAC?
  • Was HMS Deimos a hypercapable unit? --dotz (talk) 10:45, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
My (largely uninformed) assumption was that a corvette is/was simply a bigger warship than a LAC, like what you'd get by building a frigate without the hyper generator. This would make sense if corvettes stopped being popular (i.e. only showing up in backwater places like Silesia) for the same reason old-style LACs and frigates fell out of favour. (While one could hypothetically build a modern corvette with the same advantages as a new LAC, there'd be no point when LACs and their supporting assets (CLACs, the modular bases mentioned in SI1) have already been invested in and do the job just fine).
As for Deimos, her wiki page suggests she was indeed meant to be hyper-capable (too lazy to recheck the book). Presumably if hyper capability wasn't required, the hyper generator would be taken out (to save mass) and kept for spare parts or scrapped. - Histidine (talk) 11:01, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
LAC = Light Attack Craft, very general name, no lack of hypercapability issue mentioned directly. IMHO there were two kind of LACs:
  • non-carried LACs evolving from corvettes (even with one impeller ring!) - Grayson LACs of 1903 PD - to mature Program 13/Highlander class (two impeller rings),
  • carried LACs of 20 century.
In 20 century PD LAC meant non-hypercapable unit - in 1903 PD HMS Troubadour was called "LAC", when her damaged alpha nodes were replaced with beta nodes. BTW in the Honorverse Wiki templates LACs are mixed with smallcrafts. --dotz (talk) 11:43, April 26, 2016 (UTC)