Steadholder was the official title of the feudal lords responsible for local government on the planet Grayson. They ruled over provinces named after their respective founder, which were refered to as steadings.

The Steadholders formed the Conclave of Steadholders, part of the legislative body of the planetary government. (HH2)

Blood bond[]

A Steadholder could form a formal familial relationship between theirs and anothers clan, subordinating that clan, but binding their own clan members personally to the defense and protection of the subordinate clan. This was considered an important clan interweaving that was crucial to the survival of the original inhabitants of Grayson. (HH11)

The relationship, considered the equivalent of a blood bond, was formalized by the uttering of the following statement:

My sword is your sword. Your battle is mine. Our joys and our sorrows are as one.

Steadholder's Own[]

The Grayson Constitution strictly limited a Steadholder's own personal guard to fifty Armsman. All other armsmen in a Steading Guard were under the authority of the Protector, through membership in the Grayson Army. Commands a Steadholder gave to these personal armsmen had the force of law, as long as they didn't violate the constitution, and protected them from prosecution even if they did (although the Steadholder could still be prosecuted for issuing the order).

List of Steadholders[]

See here for a list of known steadholders.


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