The StateSec Naval Forces, or SSNF, were a special naval force under the control of the People's Republic of Haven's Office of State Security that existed during the rule of the Committee of Public Safety (1905-1915 PD).

In the time after Rob S. Pierre's and Oscar Saint-Just's rise to power, StateSec amassed an entire fleet of warships, which were either commanded by StateSec officers or even manned entirely by StateSec personnel.[1] The SSNF were not a part of the People's Republic's armed forces and were completely independent from the People's Navy. They were used to cope with internal affairs and were prepared as another means of control of the Navy, aside from People's Commissioners.

Features Edit

  • Uniforms - standard black-and-red State Security uniforms - black trousers and red jacket. (HH7)
  • Tradition of request for formal permission to board a ship was abandoned. Instead, it was just one more papers check before boarding a StateSec ship. (HH7)
  • Custom of addressing StateSec officers as "madam" or "sir" was informally remained[2].
  • On-board StateSec naval vessels, unless special exemptions were in place, only StateSec officers were allowed to carry sidearms. In fact, officers were required to carry them. One exemption was a ship's brig security detail. (HHA4.5: F, HH7)
  • StateSec Naval Forces officers did not cooperate with StateSec People's Commissioners assigned to the People's Navy[3].
  • StateSec Naval Forces did not cover StateSec's Hades planetary prison: that was the duty of Charon Control, subordinated to StateSec's prison branch. Even after the destruction of Charon Control in 1913 PD the People's Navy picket planned to guard Hades. (HH9)

History Edit

The State Security Naval Forces were created before 1911 PD and officially disestablished in 1915 PD. For detailed timeline of the SSNF history see:

History of the State Security Naval Forces

Human resources Edit

Much of StateSec Naval Forces personnel came from discontented elements of the pre-coup People's Navy and People's Marines.

See: Personnel of the State Security Naval Forces

Organization Edit

Command Edit

  • There was some naval command or section present at the StateSec Central Headquarters[4].
  • Units of the StateSec Naval Forces, present in the Capital Sector, could be subordinated to StateSec Central Headquarters (HHA3).
  • Chain of command for StateSec naval operations included non-naval officers
    • SSNF warships were subjugated to StateSec Commanding Officers of a sector or senior StateSec officers in a sector[5] and no StateSec naval command appeared in that sectors.
    • It was demanded that pacification expedition, like one sent to Seabring, should be under command of Major General of StateSec[6].
  • No higher then squadron-level naval staffs appeared:
    • at least two task groups naval staffs were employed from People's Navy in 1913 PD, (HH8)
    • appeared StateSec battle squadrons[7] were commanded by officers in ranks of Commodore or Rear Admiral (HH9),
    • two appeared StateSec divisions were commanded by officers in rank of Captain. (HH9, HHA4)

Territorial organization Edit

Naval intervention forces in sectors:

Task oriented organization Edit

  • Forces officially detached to People's Navy 12th Fleet operations:
    • for Operation Scylla's purposes, it was reinforced with an over-sized battle squadron[13]; that StateSec battle squadron was divided and its ships were assigned to Admiral Giscard's and Vice Admiral Tourville's task forces[14],
    • for planned Operation Bagration purposes it was reinforced with two battle squadrons consisted of superdreadnoughts[15] - over-sized battle squadron commanded by Rear Admiral (SS) Alasdair Heemskerk (12 SDs), assigned to Vice Admiral Tourville's task force and battle squadron commanded by Citizen (Rear Admiral) Salzner[16], assigned to Admiral Guiscard's task force,
  • expeditions formed for internal affairs - the only known example was Sebring expedition of 1913 PD[17],
  • StateSec Hades planetary prison affairs, eg. prisoners delivery with single ships, like PNS Tepes in 1911 PD and PNS Krashnark in 1913 PD or taking supplies or workforce from Hades by PNS Bacchante and the expedition to Seabring in 1913 PD,
  • PNS Tepes - assigned to the Office of Public Information.

Ranks Edit

It is very likely that StateSec Naval Forces mimicked People's Navy ranks:

  • Rear Admiral of State Security (HH9)
  • Commodore of State Security (HH9, SI1)
  • Captain of State Security (HH8, HH8, SI1)
  • Commander of State Security (HH8, HHA4)
  • Lieutenant Commander of State Security (HHA4)
  • Lieutenant of State Security (HH8)

Seniority between equally ranked officers was common within the People's Navy. (HH8)

Other cooperation with the People's Navy Edit

  • Senior State Security officers had standing authority to requisition the support of any Navy or Marine unit which they might happen to decide they needed, eg. naval staffs, courier ships, or warships (HH8):
  • Two StateSec SDs were integrated into the People's Navy task force in the La Martine Sector in May 1915 PD on Special Investigator Victor Cachat's authority. (HHA4.5: F)

Remains Edit

Republic of Haven space Edit

Some StateSec warlords on the Republic of Haven area were StateSec sector Commanding Officers, eg.[19]:

  • General of StateSec Silas Mikasinovich's naval forces consisted of capital ships, presumed to have surrendered to the Republican Navy forces under Admiral Giscard; the six-star systems territory he controlled was the last major StateSec holdout in 1918 PD.
  • General of StateSec Adrian Carson – part of his naval forces remnants[20] surrendered to the Republican Navy's Twelfth Fleet task force[21] in the Montague System. Without Montague, Carson's direct control area was reduced to only two systems.

Outside the Republic of Haven Edit

Rogue Havenite naval units outside the Republic of Haven Navy were in contact and the Liberation Force in Exile organization (LFE) had grown up among them. Known parties were:

Ships Edit

The offical StateSec naval prefix was "PNS" for "People's Navy Ship", because all Havenite warships officially belonged to the People's Navy and were just in temporary State Security use. StateSec Naval Forces acquired new warship classes as they became available and generally operated no destroyers. Some ships could be modified to better cope with internal affairs, like PNS Tepes. (HH7)

Ships by type and class:

  • Courier ships. (HH8)
  • A Desforge-class destroyer, destroyed in the Nuncio System Talbott Cluster in 1920 PD. (SI1)
  • Frigate-class light cruisers: Bacchante, Sabine, Seahorse – all three lost in 1913 PD in the Cerberus system. (HH8)
  • Mars-classes heavy cruisers: Anhur, Ares, Huan-Ti, Ishtar, Hachiman (1913†), Krashnark[23], Morrigan (1913†) - four undestroyed vessels captured for Elysian Space Navy (ESN) in the Cerberus system (HH8), severely damaged Anhur captured by RMN on the Talbott Cluster area in 1920 PD. (SI1)
  • Battlecruisers:
    • Warlord-class battlecruisers appeared in the Cerberus System: Attila (1913†), Barbarossa, Cassander (1913+), Farnese, Ivan IV (1913†), Kutuzov, Modred (1913†), MacArthur, Tepes (1911†), Wallenstein – five vessels captured for ESN (HH7, HH8),
    • two battlecruisers[24] appeared as a part of StateSec Naval Forces present in the Haven system after Admiral McQueen's coup attempt - 1914/1915 PD[25]
  • Dreadnaughts – mentioned as 12th Fleet component after operation Scylla in 1915 PD. (HH9)
  • Superdreadnaughts – At least three squadrons, one of that squadrons consisted of twelve vessels, at least one DuQuesne-class ship presence confirmed (PNS Alphand), at least one non DuQuesne-class ship presence confirmed (PNS Hector van Dragen). (HH9, HHA4.5: F)

Confirmed ships numbers: even 38[26] capital ships, including at least two dreadnoughts. Appeared also: twelve battlecruisers, seven heavy cruisers and three light cruisers.

The vast majority of SSNF ships of the wall did not surrender to the Navy, and were destroyed. Some lighter warships managed to escape. (CS2)

References Edit

Appearence in the main series:

  • first StateSec Naval Forces vessel, 1911 PD - In Enemy Hands
  • light StateSec Naval Forces present in some distant Havenite sectors as well as constituing a pacification expedition, 1913 PD - Echoes of Honor
  • heavy StateSec Naval Forces, 1914-1915 PD - Ashes of Victory
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