Star Empire of Manticore flag.png
Star Empire of Manticore
Form of Government Constitutional Monarchy
Capital Landing
Head of State Empress/emperor
Founded 1921 PD
Population ~ 27 billion humans
~ 12 million treecats
~ 700 million Medusans
Currency Manticoran dollar

The Star Empire of Manticore was a federal state constituted of the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Talbott Quadrant, created in 1921 PD.


The head of state of the Star Empire was the monarch of Manticore, beginning with Her Majesty Elizabeth III, now styled "Queen and Empress of Manticore". A separate Prime Minister of the Talbott Quadrant headed her government in the Talbott Quadrant, as did the Prime Minister of the Star Kingdom of Manticore for the Old Star Kingdom.

Every citizen of both the "old" Star Kingdom and the Talbott Quadrant gained imperial citizenship. Foreign and economic policy were united under the Empire. (SI2)

Imperial Parliament[]

The Imperial Parliament was located on Manticore, and representatives would be sent from both the Talbott Quadrant and the Old Star Kingdom, which included San Martin. (SI2)

Transitional Period[]

For the first fifteen years, the Star Kingdom would be afforded seventy-five percent of Parliament's membership. For the next fifteen years, that percentage was reduced to sixty percent. For the next twenty five, fifty percent. After that, representation in the Imperial Parliament was based on regional population. (SI1, "House of Steel")


The formal borders of the Star Empire included twenty member systems, thirty-four protectorate systems, and the wormhole junction, with seven mapped termini, bringing the total number of inhabited planets to twenty-two. (Companion)

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The armed forces of the Star Kingdom and the Quadrant were united. (SI1)


The Empire retained the Manticoran dollar as its interstellar currency.

Free trade was guaranteed between all members. (SI1, SI2)

Taxes at the local level were up to local government. Taxes at the federal level were progressive, based on the proportional share of the Empire's GP. (SI2)

In order to stimulate growth in the Talbott Quadrant, a federal tax credit was offered to new startup endeavors in the Quadrant, but the amount was dependent on the percentage of ownership held by Quadrant citizens. After 10 years, the credit would be reduced by five percent, and would expire completely after another ten. This encouraged Old Kingdom investors to seek out local partners. (SI1)


The new judiciary was be based on the Star Kingdom's existing constitutional law, and while initially the majority of justices would have been drawn from the old kingdom, provisions were made to quickly integrate justices from the Quadrant. (SI1)

Local authority and customs[]

Local constitutional traditions and rights were respected as long as they did not conflict with imperial ones. (SI1)