The Sphinx Forestry Service, later called the Sphinx Forestry Commission, was a Manticoran agency responsible for protecting and overseeing the wildlife of the planet Sphinx, especially the native treecats.

It was created around 1485 PD, and strongly based on the Meyerdahl Forestry Service. The uniform colors of its employees were green and brown with wide brimed bush hats, with the right side brim turned up to accommodate their adopted treecats. Its planetary headquarters were in Twin Forks, and its commanding officer was the Chief Ranger. Under the provisions of the Ninth Amendment of the Manticoran Constitution it was charged with protecting habitat and corperate intrests of treecats. (HHA2.2: WPD, SK1)

Almost half the SFS' staff was killed when the Manticoran Plague hit Sphinx. (SK1)

The Service was responsible for safeguarding all treecat habitats on Sphinx. Many of its personnel were originally xenobiologists who had come from off-planet to study treecats. Typically, said xenobiologists would either be adopted by treecats themselves, or would simply not discover anything of note. Those who were adopted typically joined the Forestry Service, which undoubtedly gave them ample opportunity to study and observe treecats in their natural habitat, but also to protect their best interests. (HH4)

The Forestry Service sent rangers and doctors to the central nests of the various clans on a regular basis. (HH12)

Ranks Edit

  • Probationary Ranger
  • Assistant Ranger
  • Ranger
  • Senior Ranger
  • Chief Ranger

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