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'cat to Alexander
Alexander Admiralty to Anton Petersen
Anton Polanski to Barony of White Springs
Barony of Winterfall to Beta node
Bethany to Caitrin Winton-Henke
Cal Giuliani to Chrissie Zullo
Christa Konstanzakis to Cruiser
Cruiser Division 237 to Dogs
Dogwood to Elliot (RMN)
Ellis to Fisher (treecat)
Fission to Gabrielle Séguin
Gabrijela Kanjcevic to Grayson Traffic Control
Grayson Yard to HMS Fearless (CA-286)
HMS Fearless (CL-56) to HMS Sprite
HMS Star Dance to Hector Griswold
Hector Lapierre to Hwa-zhyou Reinke
Hwo Rung-wan to Jake Herrick
Jake Howell to John Mayhew II
John McDermott to Kingdom of New Madagascar
Kingdom of Torch to Liam Guernicke
Liam Johnson to Madras Sector
Madras Sector Detachment to Maya Sector Detachment
Maya System to Monticelli genotype
Montoya to Nussbutter
Nyatui Zagorski to PNS Busko
PNS Caesar to People’s Uniform Code of Conduct
Pequod System to RHNS Bayard
RHNS Canonnade to Riley
Riley (Haven) to SLNS Minotaur
SLNS Morrigan to Second Havenite-Manticoran War
Second Janacek Admiralty to Sligo System
Slocum System to Stutter bug
Styx to Tearlach Aamodt
Tech Bu9 to Trailblazer of Dreams
Trailman to Wallace Bradford
Wallace Canning to Zachary
Zachary White to Факел
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