Parmley Station, an orbital amusement park

A space station was an artificial stationary structure in space, often built to support life. Such stations could serve many purposes, including research, defense and starship maintenance and repair.

A station was usually a base of operations for any given nation, corporation, and civilian entities. Space stations were the backbone of interstellar trade and economy as well as for orbital industry. (HH2)

Entertainment station[]

Entertainment stations were usually created near population centers to attract the public. A famous example was The Wages of Sin in orbit of the planet Erewhon. Another example was Parmley Station in orbit of Ameta in the Hainuwele System. (CS1,CS2)


A fort was a large station used for defense of a star system, a planet, or a wormhole terminus. A fort's weapons-to-mass ratio was extremely high, and the installations were not hyper-capable. A fort had a 360° sidewall "bubble" for protection. A small fort's mass was usually in the range of sixteen million tons. (HH1)

The Royal Manticoran Navy deployed a large number of heavy forts to protect the Manticore Wormhole Junction and its many termini. (HH2)

With the liberation of the Trevor's Star System, the RMN was able to decommission many of the forts protecting the Junction in order to free manpower to crew new construction.

In the early 1920s PD, the RMN forts protecting the Lynx Terminus of the Manticoran Wormhole Junction were able to survive unsupported against 250 pre-Apollo podnoughts. With the introduction of Apollo, the lethality of the forts increased. (HH12)

Laser platform[]

A laser platform was a station filled with numerous different types of laser turrets and missile launchers. They were usually built to assist in the defense of a fort. (HH1)

Orbital farm[]

Orbital farms were rather primitive space stations with huge artificial planes of clean soil for the production of food.

They were used by the Protectorate of Grayson to great extent due to the planet's poisonous soil. (HH2)

Orbital recovery station[]

This type of station was where vessels were sent to be scrapped. (HH2)


A shipyard was where vessels are built, refitted, and repaired. Notable shipyards of the Star Kingdom of Manticore were HMSS Hephaestus, HMSS Vulcan, and HMSS Weyland. (HH1)