Name: Sovereign of Space class
Type: Pod-laying superdreadnought
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces.jpg Republic of Haven
Preceded By: Haven class
Succeeded By: Temeraire class
Mass: 8,750,000 tons
Acceleration: 529 gravities

The Sovereign of Space class was the first class of pod-laying superdreadnoughts built and used by the Republic of Haven Navy.

Class Design[]

Like the Manticoran Invictus class it featured no broadside missile launchers. Unlike the Invictus, this was done because the mass penalty for Havenite MDM launchers was too large for a ship already designed to deploy pods. [1]

A Sovereign of Space could roll six pods simultaneously every twelve seconds. (HH11)

Construction Notes[]

The Sovereign of Space class[2] was one of the first designs to come out of Bolthole. (HH11)


  1. Invictus-class ships were designed without broadside missile launchers in order to maximize energy and point defense mounts.
  2. The name is likely a reference to HMS Sovereign of the Seas, a legendary ship of the British Royal Navy.
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