The Solarian Gendarmerie was the major security force in the protectorates of the Solarian League. It was an instrumentality of the Office of Frontier Security and the Liaison Service. (SI1, SI2, HHA1.2: AGT)

Its official motto was "Serve and protect".


The Gendamerie was widely feared throughout the Verge systems for its maintenance of literal intervention battalions. These units had a long standing reputation for brutality against any Verge world population which supported or even tolerated forces, which opposed de facto OFS imperial rule in the "protectorate" star nations. The reasons for this reputation manifested in the extreme, when the Gendarmerie's Brigadier Francisca Yucel took an Intervention battalion to the Mobius system and moved to violently suppress the Mobius Liberation Front (MLF).

By the time of Yucel's arrival, the MLF had overthrown Svein Lombroso's rule in most of the capital, Landing, as well as in five major cities and in most of the regional countryside. The Solarian League Navy Frontier Fleet ships in Mobius orbit, by Yucel's command, launched a series of indiscriminate, WMD-scale orbital kinetic strikes on population centers the MLF controlled. These actions would have constituted Eridani Edict violations if they had been committed against ordinary civilians; the targeted areas' support for the MLF created a greyer legal question.

The difference turned out to be irrelevant, as Yucel and most of her soldiers were killed when a detachment of Manticoran ships arrived and engaged the Gendarmerie forces, after Yucel defied Sir Aivars Terekhov's terms of surrender and threatened to begin killing MLF prisoners in her custody. (SI4)

Known units[]

Known personnel[]

An unnamed female Major served as senior Gendarmerie officer in the Air System when Hakon Nessler and company travelled through Sector 12. (HHA1.2: AGT)

See here for a list of known Gendarmerie Personnel.


The Gendarmerie's uniforms were black. (HHA1.2: AGT)