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Silesian Confederacy
Form of Government Confederation
Home Planet Silesia
Head of Government Prime Minister
Executive Branch Cabinet
Sector Governors
System Governors
Military Silesian Confederate Navy
Silesian Army

The Silesian Confederacy was a multi-system star nation to the far galactic north of the Solarian League. It was a place where ongoing low-level conflicts were the norm rather than the exception.

Star Geography[]

The Confederacy, consisting of around sixty inhabited star systems, divided into nine sectors, was bordered by the Anderman Empire and Sidemore Republic to the galactic southwest, and the Basilisk System to the northeast. (HH1)

It was roughly 105 ly across and had a volume of around 600,000 cubic lightyears.



Established as an enlightened confederation of planetary governments, at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century PD Silesia was a wretched mishmash of corrupt governments, mercenaries for hire, piracy, insurrection, and trade opportunities.

Because of extensive piracy Silesia became the proving ground where the Andermani Empire and the Star Kingdom of Manticore sent their newly minted officers and crews to patrol.[1]

In 1900 PD, the Confederacy was considered the strategic target for expansion of the People's Republic of Haven.[2]

In 1921 PD, the Confederacy was annexed by the Andermani Empire and the Star Kingdom of Manticore. Silesia's central government assigned its powers to Andermani and Manticoran governments, but the system governments were retained. In exchange for a non-violent regime change the Silesian leadership was amnestied for their crimes and bribed to resign. (HH12, Companion)


  • Confederation of planetary governments.
  • Central government was headed by a prime minister, capital system was the Silesia System. (HHA3.1: MMH, JIR1)
  • Sector governors were present as intermediate level of government. (HHA3.1: MMH)
  • Major part (75%) of system governors were electable, the rest were appointed.[3] (HH11)


More or less detailed data concerning secessing governments are avaialble only for the Breslau, Terrance, Saginaw and Posnan sectors:

Moreover there were at least three secessionist governments in the Breslau and Posnan Sectors around 1909 PD. (HH6)

See also: Military notable secessions


The Confederacy maintained the Silesian Confederate Navy to patrol its space, while the Silesian Army was charged with planetside duties. (CS1)

Third Powers Military Presence[]


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