Sidney Harris
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Sidney Harris
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Sidney Harris was a Havenite citizen and politician. He became Hereditary President of the People's Republic of Haven at some point prior to April 1867 PD. (Companion)

Harris called a meeting with his military cabinet to discuss Haven's failing economy, growing Dolist resentment over the Basic Living Stipend and the military problems within the Republic. Harris gave his approval to a plan to take the Basilisk Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction in the Basilisk System. (HH1) He was guarded by the Presidential Security Force, absolutely loyal mercenaries from New Geneva.

By refusing to let Rob S. Pierre know his son's whereabouts, as well as withholding information of his death, he pushed Pierre from furious resentment and contempt into action. Harris's arrogant certainty that Pierre was an annoyance but never a serious threat caused him to underestimate Pierre. Even though he knew Pierre was meeting with the Citizens' Rights Union, and knew of Pierre's ambition and competence, he deliberately antagonized Pierre.

In 1905 PD, Harris, his cabinet and their families were assassinated during his birthday celebrations in Nouveau Paris with an air strike by shuttles of the Havenite Navy. The Committee of Public Safety then seized power over the city and took control of the government. (HH3)

Preceded by
Hereditary President
People's Republic of Haven
Succeeded by
Chairman of the Committee of Public Safety Rob Pierre