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Sidemore Station was a Royal Manticoran Navy duty station responsible for the Silesian Confederacy. Its headquarters was located in the independent Marsh System.


Sidemore Station was established as as part of a defensive treaty between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Republic of Sidemore.

Because of the increasing possibility of open war with the Andermani Empire, Admiral Honor Harrington was dispatched to reinforce and assume command of Sidemore Station in the late 1910s PD. In addition to the original Task Force Sidemore in 1919 PD, the units assigned to Sidemore Station were Task Force 34 of the Royal Manticoran Navy and - secretly - the Protector's Own, in support of Harrington by order of Protector Benjamin.

See: Second Battle of Marsh

Organization of the Silesian space's naval protection is not certain after partition of the Silesian Confederacy and establishing Silesia Station there. (HH10, "House of Steel")

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