The Sidemore Navy was the armed space force of the Republic of Sidemore.

Founded in 1911 PD[1], the size of the Sidemore Navy was limited due to personnel limits that were a result of the small population of Sidemore and Marsh. The Royal Manticoran Navy did much to alleviate that constraint by employ SN personnel in positions of responsibility on Manticoran warships stationed at its Sidemore Station, so participating officers could gain experience to build an elite cadre that could later lead the Sidemore Navy.

Initially, the SN used prizes captured by the RMN's Task Group 1037 and was staffed by a few hundred people[2]. (HH6, HH10)

References Edit

  1. by the time of Operation Thunderbolt, it was only eight T-years old
  2. partially civilian personnel from merchant ships seized by by the Chalice Cluster pirates.
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