Second Battle of Tequila
Battlesign RMN vs RHN PN.png
ConflictSecond Havenite-Manticoran War
Date1920 PD
PlaceTequila System
ResultHavenite victory

Royal Manticoran Navy
Tequila System Defence

Republic of Haven Navy
task force of 1st FLT


Capt. al-Salil

Vice Adm. de Groot


211 LAC

  • SD
  • 3 CLAC with 700+ LAC
  • CC

211 LAC destroyed

  • 23 LAC destroyed
  • 10 LAC damaged

The Second Battle of Tequila was an armed engagement between the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Republic of Haven Navy in the opening days of the Second Havenite-Manticoran War.

Order of battle[edit | edit source]

Royal Manticoran Navy[edit | edit source]

Two LAC Groups, including LAC Group 1007 (Temporary), senior COLAC Captain Louis al-Salil.

Republic of Haven Navy[edit | edit source]

Task force of the 1st Fleet - CO Vice Admiral Agnes de Groot:

  • wall of battle
  • a CLAC division[1]
  • a cruiser element

Course of battle[edit | edit source]

Launched as part of the Havenite's Operation Thunderbolt, the Havenite forces entered the Tequila System without prior reconnaissance and were detected immediately. The system picket on Her Majesty's Space Station T-001 and T-002 launched in reponse on deployment plan Delta-Three. The Manticoran LACs launched and advanced on the Havenites on an intercept vector. However, once the Manticorans had reached a certain range the Havenite's launched their own LACs, revealing three of their 'superdreadnoughts' to be in actuality Aviary-class LAC carriers. Totality surprised by the sudden appearance of the Havenite LACs, the Manticorans continued to advanced directly into the Havenites new anti-LAC technique: the Triple Ripple.

Before its destruction, one of the Manticoran LAC squadrons launched every missile it had, destroying seventeen Havenite LACs and crippling seven others. The Triple Ripple decimated the Manticoran ranks with only thirty-three surviving. The survivors were destroyed in the follow up attack, however. (HH10)

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The battle ended in the complete destruction of the Manticoran picket force and the reconquest of the system by the Republic of Haven. (HH10)

References[edit | edit source]

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