Name: Scientist class
Type: superdreadnought
Affiliation: Solarian League
Succeeded By: Vega class
Mass: 6,800,000 tons
Acceleration: 422g
Crew: over 6,000
* 32 missile tubes
* 24 lasers
* 26 grasers
* 16 countermissile tubes
* 32 point defense stations[1]

The Scientist class was a class of superdreadnoughts built and operated by the Solarian League Navy. They were named after great scientists of human history.

Class design[]

By the standards of the pre-war Royal Manticoran Navy (1900 PD), they were a decent design. By 1922 PD, these vessels became obsolete in the more modern battle environment of the Havenite-Manticoran Wars, both where their offensive and defensive capabilities and their personnel requirements were concerned. (HH12)

Rescue procedure and smallcrafts[]

Scientist class and Vega class were equipped with number of small crafts and life pods, enabling the evacuation of 5,000 of their crew. The number of small crafts carried by the class was larger than the average number carried in the Royal Manticoran Navy as of 1900 PD[2].

Solarian small crafts were outdated and were larger than their Manticoran counterparts.


The Vega class was basically a repeat Scientist-class with a couple of additional missile tubes. (HH12)


  1. Ships in active service as of 1922 PD. Initially ships of that class were armed with projectile-firing point defense systems.
  2. Eg. King William class SD - 15 smallcrafts: 7 pinnacles, 2 shuttles and 6 cutters. (JIR1)

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