Ronald Bergren
Full Name
Ronald Bergren
Male   Male
Foreign Secretary
Ambassador to the
Solarian League

Ronald Bergren was a Havenite politician and diplomat.

Physical characteristics Edit

He sported a thin mustache. (HH1)

Biography Edit

In 1900 PD, the Legislaturalist Bergren was the Secretary for Foreign Affairs under Hereditary President Sidney Harris. He was concerned about the anti-government groups that were starting to pop up in the conquered territories. Unlike other Legislaturalists, Bergren understood the militant Dolists, saying he would do the same in their position. He provided information about the Star Kingdom of Manticore's political state, not being concerned about the Star Kingdom's rising power, but rather about being in another war. (HH1)

In 1904 PD, Bergren attended a meeting about the assassination of Walter Frankel. He expressed dissatisfaction about the Citizens' Rights Union being more security conscientious and the possible war with the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

At the time of the Harris Assassination and the establishment of the Committee of Public Safety, Bergren was visiting the Solarian League along with his family. He pledged loyalty to the new regime, but realizing that returning home would only mean his death in the Committee's purges of Legislaturalists), he remained on Earth and refused to be recalled home. Eventually the Committee gave up trying to trick him home, and, unable to publicly remove him, instead appointed him Ambassador to Earth. Bergren was already in place in the diplomatic structure, and represented the interests of the new Havenite regime with great diligence and industry (to protect his remaining relatives in Haven from State Security). As a consequence, he technically remained the Foreign Secretary, although for all practical purposes he was reduced to the status of ambassador to the Solarian League. (HH7)

In 1914 PD, Bergren and Amos Parnell were targeted for assassination as part of a convoluted plot cooked up by the Embassy's State Security General Raphael Durkheim, as it was expected that Bergren would use Parnell's impending revelations of the truth behind the Harris Assasination[1] as an excuse to defect to the League. This unsuccessful attempt led to the Manpower Incident. (HHA3.3: FtH)

References Edit

  1. The Committee had overthrown the Legislaturalist government and blamed it on the People's Navy, using the pretext to purge the old officer corps. (HH3)