The Republic of Monica or Union of Monica was a star nation located in the Monica System, in the galactic south of the Talbott Cluster.

Star geography[]

Two star systems comprised the Republic of Monica - the uninhabited Taylor System[1] and the capital Monica System. The Monica System included a G3 primary, the inhabited planet of Monica and the Eroica asteroid belt with an average orbital radius of roughly nineteen and a half light-minutes. (SI1)


Monica was less developed than Rembrandt. Its main resource were mercenaries, provided to the Office of Frontier Security. It also provided services for the Jessyk Combine, Manpower Incorporated and Mesa. (SI1)

In terms of population and industry, Republic of Monica was effectively a single-system polity. The Taylor System had a couple of habitable planets, but nobody living on them. About half the land area of each of the planets was handed out by Tyler's father as prizes to his supporters, but nothing was ever really done to develop them, primarily because there wasn't a sufficient technical base, financial resources nor population to develop two entirely virgin worlds, as well as there hadn't really been any pressure to do so. There were some very minor asteroid mining operations and a handful of homesteaders in the system. (infodump)


Monica was a republic ruled by a (de facto hereditary) President from the capital city of Estelle. Around 1920 PD, Roberto Tyler held that office. (SI1) Its chief of intelligence in 1921 PD was Alfonso Higgins. (HH15)


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Affair in 1920 PD[]

In 1920 PD the OFS and Jessyk supplied Monica with a total of fourteen Indefatigable-class battlecruisers, which were refitted at Eroica Station to build up a force that could take control of the Lynx Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction.

Before that operation could be conducted, twelve of the new battlecruisers were destroyed by Captain Aivars Terekhov and his "squadron" in the Battle of Monica in 1921 PD. Seven days later, Rear Admiral Augustus Khumalo arrived with the superdreadnought HMS Hercules and a number of other RMN vessels, forcing the Monicans to surrender.

In return for its continued existence, the Republic of Monica signed a permanent nonaggression pact with the Star Kingdom of Manticore, surrendering to them the two surviving battlecruisers and all evidence of the involvement of Manpower, Technodyne and the Jessyk Combine in their attempted seizure of the Lynx Terminus. (SI1)


  1. land reserve for settlement, owned by members of the Monican oligarchy

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