The Renaissance Factor was the name given to a socio-political structure to arise in and around the Solarian League as it collapsed as a result of the long-term political and military strategies of the Mesan Alignment.

The planned strategy included a series of shocks to the military and political confidence of the Solarian League and its corrupt and bureaucratic governing structure. As a result, several star nations would then reluctantly conclude that they must withdraw from the collapsing League and form a workable polity from their part of the wreckage. Each of these would eventually realize that united, they could be more effective, producing a large political entity in the region of the former Solarian League. The project would be secretly furthered since each of these reluctantly withdrawing remnants of the Solarian League would be, in fact, cooperating members of the Mesan Alignment.

As of the early 1920s PD, each was led by a senior Alpha line member of the Alignment, from families long ago (in some cases, several centuries ago) placed on their planets as multi-generational Mesan agents. Each was directed by the highest leadership of the Mesan Alignment, on Mesa, led by Albrecht Detweiler. None of this was planned to be publicly known until well after a new polity had been established in what had been the Solarian League's territory, not one part of which had any connection (publicly) with Mesa or any of its criminal organizations, or the long abandoned plans to improve human genetics of the founders of Mesa, Leonard Detweiler and his associates. (HH12)

The actual plan to crush all possible resistance and bring about the rise of the Renaissance Factor was the long-planned Operation Prometheus. (CS2)

The Renaissance Factor finally stepped into the light in 1922 PD, presenting itself to the public as a "collective security association" encompassing a cluster of Verge systems led by the Republic of Mannerheim. (HH14)

Known Member Nations[]