The Renaissance Association, often simply called RA, was a civic improvement organization headed by Hieronymus Stein until his death. It was a leader in the opposition to genetic slavery, and had been for many decades.

Compared to other anti-slavery organizations, such as the Audubon Ballroom, the RA was moderate in its methods. Hieronymous Stein insisted on a purity of purpose and reliance on public means, and was able to prevent more activist members from taking more 'practical' actions. After his death, the changes in the way the RA began to operate, and in particular the move into its leadership by his daughter, Jessica[1], reminded W.E.B. Du Havel of the change in the leadership of the ancient Chinese democracy movement on Old Earth, the Kuomintang Party, after its leader, Sun Yat-sen, died. In both cases, the ideals of the leader were somewhat diluted and diverted.

While the RA was best known as an anti-slavery organization, it called for wider reforms in the organization's "Six Pillars". These pillars were:

  • Reforming the Solarian League government to a genuine federal structure
  • Anti-trust legislation
  • Popular control of the bureaucracy
  • The removal of all grades of citizenship
  • Abolition of the Office of Frontier Security
  • Eradication of genetic slavery


Known members of the RA[]


  1. Jessica was in fact one of those responsible for her father's assassination.