Raoul Courcosier II class schematic
Name: Raoul Courvosier II class
Type: Pod-laying battlecruiser
Affiliation: Protectorate of Grayson
Date Introduced: 1919 PD
Mass: 1,763,500 tons

Length: 817 m
Beam: 118 m
Draught: 110 m

Acceleration: 542.8 G
(678.4 G maximum)
Armament: Broadside: 6M, 6G, 26CM, 24PD

Fore: 4M, 3G, 8CM, 12PD

Aft: 4MP, 4CM, 12PD

Magazines: 360 missile pods

The Raoul Courvosier II class was a class of pod-laying battlecruisers used by the Grayson Space Navy

It was the first Grayson pod battlecruiser class, and in fact the first one built by any navy. Its conventional missile broadside was reduced by four fifths, with the remaining energy mounts being superdreadnought-sized.

Massing almost twice as much as previous battlecruiser classes, this was the first Grayson class to benefit from the massive use of automation thanks to technology transfers within the Manticoran Alliance; this reduced the crew size neccessary to operate the vessel to about three hundred.

The class was criticized for retaining broadside mounts, which compromised the pod-laying function, and this criticism appeared to be justified when the ships started to see combat during the Second Havenite-Manticoran War.

By 1921 PD, over forty of these vessels had been built. (HH11, Companion)

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