RMMS Bonaventure was a freighter of Manticoran registry owned by the Hauptman Cartel.

History[edit | edit source]

Bonaventure was a vessel constructed and operated by the Hauptman Lines, a shipping company which belonged to the Hauptman Cartel. Her "keel plate owners" (members of her first crew) included her first master, Captain Harold Sukowski and Christina Hurlman, who joined the ship's company as her fourth officer and later becoming her executive officer.

In 1908 PD and still under the command of Captain Sukowski, Bonaventure was attacked by raiders from Andre Warnecke's "privateer squadron" while approaching the Telmach System in the Silesian Confederacy. As the freighter was neither a match for the raider vessel nor capable of evading her, Captain Sukowski ordered the crew to abandon ship while he remained onboard. However, Commander Hurlman disobeyed his orders and remained with him until their capture by the raiders. The crew of Bonaventure escaped the raiders and was later rescued.

News of Bonaventure's disappearance prompted Klaus Hauptman and his daughter Stacey to travel to the Silesian Confederacy to closely supervise their commercial and shipping interests. (HH6)

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