PMSS Sirius

The Sirius, a Havenite Q-ship looking like an Astra-class freighter

A Q-ship was a military vessel designed to look like a merchantman. It could be built from the keel out as a Q-ship, or converted from an existing merchant vessel.


In the 19th Century PD, the Havenite People's Navy conceived a type of Q-ship built to resemble a Trumbull-class freighter with chase armament of three missile tubes and two spinal mount lasers fore and aft.

The Havenite Q-ship Sirius was disguised as an Astra-class freighter. The People's Navy used it to try and infiltrate the Basilisk System, but it was eventually destroyed by the Manticoran cruiser HMS Fearless. (HH1)

Manticoran Q-ships were listed on the admiralty's books as HMAMC (His/Her Majesty's Armed Merchant Cruiser). From 1909 to 1920 PD, the Royal Manticoran Navy used a total of fifteen Trojan-class Q-ships, based on Caravan-class freighter hulls, to fight piracy in the Silesian Confederacy. One of these was famously commanded by Honor Harrington. (HH6)

While Havenite Q-ships were built as modified warships, Manticorian Q-ships were based on civilian designs. This meant that Manticorian Q-ships had weaker defenses and overall strength. They were "eggshells armed with hammers". (HH6)

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