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The President of the Republic of Haven was the head of state and head of government of the Republic of Haven.

History Edit

The first President was Michèle Péricard, author of much of the Havenite Republican Constitution. (HH12)

With the implementation of the DuQuesne Plan, the office was replaced by that of the Hereditary President of the People's Republic of Haven, which was itself later replaced by that of the Chairman of the Committee of Public Safety. (HH3)

After the Committee was abolished with the death of its last chairman, Oscar Saint-Just, power was transferred to a provisional government, led by longtime Aprilist Eloise Pritchart, until a new President could be elected. (HH9) Some time later, Pritchart became the first elected head of state of Haven in generations, and began to transform the republic back to the state which its founders had intended. (HH10)

Any elected President was limited by the Constitution to three terms in office[1], though many were willing to amend it in order to allow Pritchart to run for a fourth term. (HH14)

Offices Edit

The President's office was traditionally located in Péricard Tower in the capital city of Nouveau Paris. (HH12)

Known Presidents Edit

References Edit

  1. It was not clarified whether this refers to consecutive terms only, or three terms in total per individual.