The President Warnecke was a heavy cruiser in the official privateer squadron of the Chalice Republic, Andre Warnecke's seceding government.

History[edit | edit source]

President Warnecke was named after the leader of the Chalice Cluster separatist uprising against the Silesian Confederacy, Andre Warnecke, and served in Warnecke's fleet against the Silesian attempts to regain control over the Chalice. Following the eventual conquest of the Chalice Cluster by the Silesians, President Warnecke and a number of other ships, including three additional heavy cruisers, fled the Cluster carrying Warnecke and a number of his followers onboard.

Warnecke's fleet would resort to piracy and raiding to support their planned "return" to the Chalice Cluster, and President Warnecke participated in the attack against the planet Sidemore which captured that world as a base of operations for Warnecke and his forces.

Serving as Admiral Rayna Sherman's flagship, President Warnecke and her sister ships were ultimately destroyed by the Manticoran Q-ship HMAMC Wayfarer while on approach to capture what her crew thought to be a defenseless Andermani merchantman, though Warnecke actually survived Wayfarer's initial salvo and attempted to surrender before her destruction. (HH6)

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