Phoenix or the Phoenix Cluster was a three star-system republic which contained the Phoenix Wormhole Junction.

Star GeographyEdit

Phoenix was bordered by the Erewhon System to the northwest. (HH3)

Two of the star systems in the cluster contained Phoenix's three wormhole termini. The Manticore wormhole terminus lay in the Hennesy System, and the Erewhon terminus lay in the Terra Haute System, approximately 25 light-years away from Hennesy. (CS1)


Ranier PiratesEdit

During the 17th Century PD, the region suffered under the Ranier Pirates who harrassed all local shipping. Their continued harrassment of Manticoran shipping led to an intervention by Edward Saganami, who finally defeated the pirates in the Ranier War. ("House of Steel")

Haven-Manticore WarEdit

During the Haven-Manticore War, Phoenix remained neutral, and forbade any transit through its wormhole junctions of any military traffic.[1] (CS1)

Government Edit

The star nation inhabiting the cluster was called the Phoenix Republic. (CS1)

Society and CultureEdit

References Edit

  1. Anti-Slavery League frigates were not considered warships and enjoyed free passage. (CS1)