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Paul Tankersley
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Paul Tankersley was a Manticoran citizen and an officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy.


He was a fourth cousin of Michelle Henke. (HH4)


While attending the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy, he was on Chief Petty Officer MacDougal's unarmed combat team and trained in the martial art of coup de vitesse. (HH3)

In 1900 PD, he held the rank of Commander and was assigned as executive officer of the heavy cruiser HMS Warlock. When Warlock was in refit at HMSS Hephaestus, he did most of the work for Captain Pavel Young. During the time, he started dating Vice Admiral Craig Warner's assistant, Cindy. (HH1, HH3, OBS) When the Warlock was undergoing repairs, he would purposely slow the work in order for the ship to miss the events occurring in Basilisk.

Following the events at Basilisk, Tankersley caught the eye of Admiral Warner. He was promoted to Captain (junior grade) and transferred to the Bureau of Ships. Several years later, he was assigned as a member of the repair team at Hancock Station. He oversaw the repairs to HMS Nike, and used the private on-board gym. There, he ran into Honor Harrington and became Harrington's sparring partner. He and Harrington began a relationship which soon blossomed into love. (HH3)

As a reward for his services to Task Force Hancock, which defended the Star Kingdom from a Havenite invasion in the First Battle of Hancock, he was promoted to Captain of the List. This promotion made him too senior for his position at Hancock, so he was reassigned to Manticore to work as a deputy constructor at the space station Hephaestus. He also became the creator of the first skinsuit for treecats, the prototype of which was given to Honor's companion, Nimitz.

Harrington's parents wholeheartedly approved of him when they met him and Nimitz came to love him independent of Harrington. However, while she was on Grayson, Denver Summervale was paid by Pavel Young to goad Tankersley into challenging him to a duel, in which Summervale killed him, although Tankersley wounded him slightly.[1] (HH4)


Honor Harrington kept Paul Tankersley's memory in her heart: he was her first love, and she named her private Star Falcon-class yacht RMS Paul Tankersley in his honor. (HH7)

Service Record[]


  • Commander (before 1901 PD)
  • Captain (JG)
  • Captain (SG)


  • Executive Officer, HMS Warlock
  • Bureau of Ships
  • Repair team leader, Hancock Station
  • Deputy Constructor, HMSS Hephaestus.


  1. Harrington later took terrible revenge for his death, killing both Young and Summervale on the Field of Honor.