Parliamentary Medal of Valor 01.png

The Parliamentary Medal of Valor (PMV) was the Star Kingdom of Manticore's highest medal for gallantry in combat and was awarded to all ranks and services. It was the highest award in the Manticoran order of precedence, and was placed first before any other award.

It was a golden cross and starburst on a crimson, blue and white ribbon. The first ever PMV was awarded posthumously to Commodore Edward Saganami, after his heroic sacrifice while defending a convoy in the Battle of Carson. (SI1)

It was slightly higher in prestige than the Manticore Cross. (HH1, HH2)

A recipient of the PMV was traditionally entitled to a salute from anyone who was not a recipient, even if those saluting outranked the holder. (HH9)

Known Recipients[]


  1. Harrington refused the PMV after her return from Hades, threatening to resign her commission if the government insisted on giving it to her. She accepted it (HH10) for her actions during the Cromarty assassination (HH9).