PNS Schaumberg
Triumphant class in Space 01.png
Class Triumphant
Type Battleship
Affiliation People's Republic of Haven
In Service 1913 PD

PNS Schaumberg was a Triumphant-class battleship of the People's Navy.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1913 PD, the Schaumberg[1] was commanded by Captain Joanne Hall, and served as Rear Admiral Jane Kellet's flagship in the Twelfth Fleet. During Operation Icarus, the ship fought in the Second Battle of Hancock and was ambushed by the Royal Manticoran Navy's new Shrike-class light attack craft. During the engagement, Schaumberg's flag bridge was destroyed by enemy X-ray laser fire, resulting in the death of Admiral Kellet and her entire staff.

While still managing to destroy the lead LAC, HMLAC Harpy, with her grasers, Schaumberg was crippled in the fight and destroyed. (HH8, HH9)

Known crewmembers[edit | edit source]

Command team[edit | edit source]

Naval Officers[edit | edit source]

  • Commander Ira Hamer – Executive Officer
  • Commander Young –Tactical Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Oliver Diamato – Assistant Tactical Officer, acting CO (1)
  • Lieutenant Commander Hopkins – Chief Engineering Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Kantor – Assistant Engineering Officer, acting CO (2)

References[edit | edit source]

  1. The ship was likely named after the Franconian noble family of the same name or one of its members.
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