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PNS Breslau

PNS Breslau was a Bastogne-class destroyer of the People's Navy.

History Edit

The Breslau[1] was built at the Gunther Yard in the People's Republic of Haven in the 19th Century PD.

In 1903 PD, the ship was under the command of Commander Thomas Theisman and, together with the Sultan-class battlecruiser, Saladin, was transferred to the Navy of Masada as part of Operation Jericho. Breslau was renamed MNS Principality, while portions of its crew were retained to help operate it, including Commander Theisman. (HH2)

Service as MNS PrincipalityEdit

Principality was monitoring the ship movements of Yeltsin's Star System when the main escort of the Royal Manticoran Navy left for the Casca System. The ship went back to the Endicott System to inform Captain Yu.

During the First Battle of Yeltsin's Star, Principality was spinning on its central axis to provide more firing arcs. After the battle, the ship and the MNS Thunder of God towed LACs to the edge of Yeltsin's Star.

Principality picked up the impeller drive signatures of Captain Honor Harrington's fleet at the beginning of the Battle of Blackbird. Commander Theisman sent MNS Virtue to Thunder of God's position to warn the Navy of Masada about Captain Harrington's approaching fleet. (HH2)

Battle of Blackbird Edit

In the battle, Principality went behind HMS Apollo and heavily damaged the RMN light cruiser, then turned to face HMS Troubadour, but the latter fired first. Principality fired back, but Troubadour evaded, while Principality managed to destroy a Grayson LAC. The ship was turned into a burning wreck, when Apollo and HMS Fearless returned fire. It was then hailed by Fearless and Commander Theisman surrendered.

Principality was boarded by officers from the RMN, who could proove that the ship was originally from the People's Republic as the builder's plaque from the Gunther Yard was found. (HH2)

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References Edit

  1. The name Breslau was the German name for the city of Wrocław in Silesia on Earth.

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